This free service is addressed to immigrants living in Quebec who desire to learn to communicate and write in French.

The program of study in Francizationis based on the particular needs of adult allophone immigrants. It focuses on developing their competences in oral and writen French while integrating them to Quebec society. In addition, it can also prepare them for further studies or the job market (MELS, 2015). The program offers 8 different levels that begins with simple vocabulary to facilitate their everyday lives and at the end of their training, acquire the compentences to communicate with more complex language structures.

Admission and Registration

It is possible to register at any time, for full-time (day) and part-time (night) courses by enrolling on this website :

If you need help during your registration, the Francization secretary can assit you. You can call to fix an appointment.

Documents required to register To register, make sure you have 1 the following required documents from the 2 categories :

Category 1 : one of the following documents :

  • Valide health insurance card*
  • Valide Quebec driving permit*
  • Original passport

If you don’t have your a valide health insurance card or driving permit, you must present one of the following documents :

  • Municipal or School tax account
  • Act of residential property purchase indicating the name of the owner.
  • Bill or account statement of a phone company, electricity or cable company.
  • Proof of home insurance
  • Proof of affiliation to a professional Quebecois association
  • Quebec bank statement or credit card
  • Notice of Revenu Quebec tax assessment (RQ)
  • Employment record (record 1)
  • Notice of Quebec Child Assistance payments from the Régie des rentes du Québec (RRQ)
  • Property tax bill RL-4
  • Proof of private insurance in Quebec

Category 2 : one of the following documents :

  • Citizenship certificate
  • Valide Permanent resident card
  • Valide Quebec Selection certification (CSQ)
  • Valide Quebec Acceptance Certificate(CAQ)***
  • Asylum application form (DDA)
  • Refugee status document

** People holding temporary status (work permit, study permit or visitors), you must bring the following 2 documents :

  • Valide Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
  • Federal Study Permit

If one of these documents are missing, your registration will be « incomplete ».This can delay the processing time and the beginning of your French studies. For additional information concerning other valide documents or questions, do not hesitate to communicate with the Francization secretary at extension 3577.

Class Schedules

Full-time Day classes :

Beginner and Intermediate levels :

Monday to Friday 8 h 10 to 15 h 15

Part-time evening classes :

Beginner and intermediate levels :

Tuesday to Thursday 17 h 30 to 20 h 45

Cost of educational material

Here is the cost of the required schoolbooks you must purchase depending on your level of study.

  • Par ici niveau 1-2 Méthode de français (32,50$)
  • Par ici 1-2 Cahier d'exercices (15,00$)
  • Par ici niveau 3-4 Méthode de français (36,25$)
  • Par ici 3-4 Cahier d'exercices (16,75$)
  • Par ici niveau 5-6 Méthode de français (36,25$)
  • Par ici 5-6 Cahier d'exercices (15,75$)
  • Par ici niveau 7-8 Méthode de français (36,25$)
  • Par ici 7-8 Cahier d'exercices (à venir)
  • L'essentiel du français langue seconde (9,00$)
  • Agenda (Optional)

Financial Aid Available

In collaboration with the ministry of Immigration, the Francization and Integration (MIFI), it is possible to obtain financial assistance, full-time or part-time students for your French acquisition courses. To qualify for this aid, you must forward a request to the Emploi-Québec MIFI department and meet the requirements. For more information, consult the MIFI website, click here.

Emploi-Québec (EQ)* Quebec Employment also offers financial aid to those who are interested in reintegrating the job market. However, you must satisfy the eligibilty requirements for the Emploi-Québec employment training « Aim for Employment Program ». To check your admissibility, and to obtain additional information, you will need to go to your local employment center in your region, click here .

Development aid agency

Need help with all aspects of your integration? You may go to AMINATE. Their mission is to welcome, inform, accompany and refer newly arrived immigrants to Mascouche and Terrebonne.

Services offered

  • Individual meetings, evaluation of needs, information, short/medium and long- term integration plans and a personalized follow-up.
  • Help to fill out financial aid request « Emploi-Québec MIFI » to take Francization courses.
  • References : Francization, employability, basic needs, education, health and lodging.
  • Workshops on various subjects relevant to the knowledge and functioning in Quebec society.
  • Intercultural, socialization and networking activities.
  • Presentations on immigration and all its other aspects.
  • Assistance completing the following documents : immigration and government services (allowance : housing, government benefits for children, etc.).
  • Activities to promote closer intercultural links (twinning, events, etc.).

To obtain more details, consult the following websites : ou à

Centre l’Avenir – Francisation

663, rue Saint-Pierre,
Terrebonne (Québec)
J6W 1C9

Téléphone : 450 492-3737 poste 3577


Heures d'ouverture (663, rue St-Pierre)
Lundi au vendredi
8 h à 16 h

Heures d'ouverture (508, rue Masson)
Lundi au jeudi
8 h à 20 h 30

8 h  à 15 h

Horaire des cours

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